Centrix Work Disability Solutions is an international Work Disability Prevention company delivering evidence-based and evidence- informed Work Disability Solutions to reduce the human, social, and economic costs of unnecessary Work Disability.

We think differently and We challenge the status quo.  

Everything we do, we believe in challenging the way the insurance industry thinks about work disability. We believe in thinking differently. We think the disability compensation industry has been trying to solve unnecessary work disability in the wrong way.

The way we challenge this thinking is by creating an experience for the injured or ill worker that is truly worker-centric and engages them in their recovery and return-to-work.

And, we happen to create great outcomes for all stakeholders. Curious about what we can do for you?

The paradox of the compensation industry

Despite ample research demonstrating at best a weak link between clinical severity measures and work ability, clinical evaluations often dominate in compensation systems that attempt to establish a physical, objective basis for work disability compensation. The impairment-based model of work disability persists, as clinical measures are key criteria for benefits eligibility in many compensation schemes.”

The Paradox?  The impairment based system is not equipped and does not address the Work Disability issues that confound recovery.  Work Disability is a separate condition, with its own set of causes, with their own set of interventions.

At Centrix we take a different approach…

Integrated Worker-centric Work Disability Prevention

Job modifications, return to work program, claims advocacy models, and evidence based medical models are presented as the next “thing”, the panacea.  These are just tools.

The MAP is the instruction manual on how integration, synthesize, and the tools in the right way.

A little bit more about us

Centrix Disability Management Services Inc. is a Work Disability Prevention company that provides; case management, medical management and rehabilitation planning, and advanced training in Work Disability Prevention. Its purpose is to help reduce the human, social, and economic impact of disability through innovative engagement strategies.

Founded in 2005 by Work Disability Consultant and Trainer, Jason Parker, the company has grown and is a recognized leader in Work Disability Prevention. The company provides a variety of case management activities, training, program development, and services that promote engagement and collaboration that are at the heart of best practices of Work Disability Prevention.

Jason Parker is the President and Senior Work Disability Consultant of Centrix Disability Management Services Inc. Jason is the creator of MAP: Motivation and Action Planning, which is the only strategic behavioural risk management tool of its kind. MAP: Motivation and Action Planning has been delivered internationally to over 2500 participants and is recognized as advanced training in Work Disability Prevention. Jason has extensive experience in Work Disability Prevention and Stay-at-Work/Return-to-Work programs with over 20 years of experience covering almost every employer group.